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Want a bag that helps you stay both fashionable and organised?

Finally finding your perfect handbag is a great feeling. After all, arguably no other accessory is more important, since your handbag goes almost everywhere with you, from the office to the cinema and those Christmas parties.

They can not only store our essentials, like keys, sunglasses, our wallet and phone, but our favourite lipstick, perfume and much more. The best bags make it easy for us to organise and make these items instantly accessible when we need them. 

Always look at whether a bag has compartments and pockets, so you can organise your belongings. The comedian Billy Connolly once said how, ‘A woman’s mind is as complex as her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is always something which surprises you!’ The best bags make it easy to always know where everything is.

A handbag is an expression of our personality, so we also want it to be a fashion statement.

When looking for your main handbag, you want one which can complement a wide range of outfits. Many of our bags are inspired by designer products, although they come with a much smaller price tag! With many designer bags costing hundreds of pounds, it definitely pays to find a replica instead. 

Our latest collection includes the Lola Sling Bag which comes in three different colours including classic black.


This faux leather bag comes complete with an adjustable long canvas contrasting strap. Made from 100% PU, it has gold coloured metal work that brings a touch of glamour to a bag that would be perfect for everyday use.

We also all want a handbag to be convenient. 

Some bags might look nice, but turn out to be unpleasant to use. A handbag should be comfortable and easy to sling over your shoulder or off your arm. You shouldn’t feel like it’s an encumbrance, or that you’re constantly struggling to find items. 

Another often overlooked feature is security. A bag should be secure so that all your valuable belongings are less likely to be stolen or lost. Often when we’re on places like the London tube, a bag without zips or buttons can be highly appealing to thieves.


Among our range is the Lacey Crossbody Clutch Handbag which comes in various colours, including tan brown. It comes with a zip top, three internal pockets and a card holder inside to keep all your valuables secure. 

A crossbody handbag is worn close to your body so it can be easier to keep safe. They’re convenient, comfortable to wear and help you stay organised, while also being a fashion accessory that suits different occasions.

Calitaa & Co has a wide range of handbags in many sizes, shapes and styles, so you can easily find the right one for any occasion. 

No matter if you’re looking for a shopper handbag, tote bag or camera handbag with changeable pattern straps, we have many styles to choose from. That includes on-trend styles like slouch handbags and bucket handbags. 

They make lovely festive gifts for anyone looking to expand their bag collection. A handbag can often become a cherished item, so they’ll always be reminded of you when they look at it. 

Whatever your tastes, we have handbags to suit all kinds of personalities. You can easily find one that resonates with your sense of style. Based in Bangor, you can either visit us in store or make a quick and easy order online. 

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